7 février 2013

Publication day!

C'est aujourd'hui que "Follow Follow" sort en magasin;)

Et après tout ce travail, c'est gratifiant de lire une telle critique!

Today "Follow Follow" is in store;) And after a lot of hard work, It's really great to read this review!

"On, now, to cheerier fare and brighter colors! With the satisfying symmetry of palindromes and the ambiguous romance of fairy tales, Marilyn Singer's verse in"Follow Follow" (Dial Books for Young Readers, 32 pages, $16.99) practically dances down each page. But because these are "reverso" poems, they actually dance in two directions: forward and, with minor adjustments in punctuation, backward. The effect is miraculous and pithy, with each poem seeming to shine new meaning on the one beside it. Consider these few lines from "The Little Mermaid's Choice," which Josée Masse has illustrated with two Titian-haired lovelies criss-crossing the line between land and sea. "For love, / give up your voice. / Don't / think twice," begins the poem on the left, while with the same words (and a different meaning) the one on the right ends: "Think twice! / Don't / give up your voice / for love." This companion volume to 2010's "Mirror Mirror" will especially delight children who are sensitive to linguistic nuance." Wall Street Journal, February 1, 2013

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